Ok, I really just need to get these parts squared away so I can pack them up till I find some ATX cases. I present to you…Reminiscence.

AOpen AX59Pro
Pentium 166MHZ MMX (retail version)
2x Crucial CT4M36P2M (16MB FPM Parity)
Seagate Medalist 4310 (ST34310A, 4.3GB)
Panasonic JU-256A217P Rev.F (3.5″ Floppy)
Sony DDU-1621 (DVD-ROM)
Diamond Viper V330 (Riva 128 4MB AGP)
Cardex Dragon 1000 (Voodoo1 4MB)
Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold
3Com Etherlink III (3C509TP ISA 10mbps)
(Uh…forgot to write down the model of PSU, but it’s an Enlight 250w something or other)

Here she is being tested:


And all boxed up for later:


As soon as I find an ATX case that fits my picky requirements, I’ll properly case her up and do some proper testing and benching.

This machine is meant to recreate the Compaq Presario 4808 I had as a kid. The parts are different, but the feel is meant to be the same. There are definite upgrades here compared to what I had before, but hey…it’s 2016 🙂

The usage scenario for this machine is to go back and play the games I did between the years of mid-97 through about late-99. Now, I did have access to a newer machine during this time, but only for a few months. This was my primary machine.

I had several late DOS games, 1994 or so and later and they all ran just fine on the original. I skirted the early 3D craze with just the Trio64V2+/GX I hadin the original machine, so this will give me a chance to play things the way they were meant to be played.

I won’t have a chance to give this build a proper workout till I get a case for her, but here she is for now.