I’ve been thinking of what projects I want to tackle. There are things I need to do for “work”, and many more things I need to do for “fun”. Projects that fit into the work category obviously should take priority, but I can’t focus too much on one thing at a time. My interests and motivation tend to come in cycles. I’ll obssess over one thing for a week or two, lose interest completely, spend some time unable to think about any one thing, and then the cycle will start over.

To remove the unproductive parts of this cycle, I think I’ll try to schedule certain types of projects for specific days of the week. If I find time to work on something on a given day, it *MUST* be from the assigned category/type of project for that day.

If anyone actually reads this stupid blog, maybe you can pester me for updates as a second form of motivation…maybe…please?

Alright, let’s see if I can make a quick to-do list of the items I currently have bouncing around in the back of my mind, and then see if I can assign days.


D&D Modules
Short Stories
Novel Chapters
Retro PC Builds
Actually Playing Video Games
CLEANING THE HOUSE (Ok, that one is from the wife)
Pounding Through My Backlog Of Books To Read
Stage Plays
Organizing My Hard Drives (I only have a decade+ of shit to go through…)
Non-Fiction Writing (There are things I have interests in)

Let’s try this as a schedule:

These aren’t hard requirements here, more what I should consider the primary and secondary item for that particular day. If this works, and I can keep to my schedule, I’m sure there are certain people who wish to continue making money off of me who would be very happy.